Delicious and full

No more hunger or bland diet food ever again.

YOUR diet

A diet built around foods you already know and love.

Love your holidays

Your festivities without guilt. Your life with full experiences.

Pleasure food

Eat any food, it's all about finding your balance.

I can lose fat with no hunger ?


Eating more food does not mean getting fatter.

A good balance of foods you already love, chosen with our guidelines, makes dieting completely painless.

On holidays or at a restaurant ?

Learning how to eat out while still making progress is crucial.

You will also learn that skipping the diet on a special occasion is perfectly fine.

Proper diet and fitness is the result of what you do most of the time, not the exceptions.

I can eat any type of food ?

You'll learn the core principles for you to lose fat and maintain / gain muscle in the process.

These principles have a lot of wiggle room and we can always fit your "forbidden" pleasures.

30 minutes at home

Tone your body with 30 minutes of exercise per week.

5 exercises

Full body session at home with just 5 simple exercises.

All strength levels

Several options perfect for every age and strength level.

Safe and painless

Injury-proof exercises to end pain by getting stronger.

Only 30 mins and 5 exercises ?

It's hard to believe, yes.

Almost all exercise "methods" and "advice" on the internet are inefficient, ineffective and plain dangerous.

When properly done, with the right speed and intensity, a few exercises that work many muscles at once are all you need to improve it all.

From your cardiovascular system to your skeletal structure and, of course, your muscles, joints and connective tissue.

All of this can 100% be done in 15 minutes, twice per week.

Strength and muscle come from your body resting and recovering from exercise. Your plan will be the maximum you can recover from.

More isn't always better.

No gym equipment needed ?

Nothing specific.

All the exercises can be performed with either your body weight or anything that works as a dumbell.

Big water bottles / jugs are perfect.

This is about you, not us

No rigid diets, we only care about what works for you.

Beyond beauty

Improved energy, sleep, mood, immune system, etc.

Extra time for you

Enjoy more moments that truly matter in your life.


Boost your immune system via cardiovascular health.

Muscle = Health

Muscle and strength training improve all health metrics.

Sleep like a baby

Exercise improves your sleep depth and quality.

Strong bones

High bone density means less fractures and osteoporosis.

Without looking like a man ?

Thinking that training for muscle growth will make us look too masculine is a very common misconception.

Only taking an exorbitant amount of steroids could actually make that happen.

Our exercises and process are purposely chosen to build the female body-shape.

No running needed for cardio ?

"Cardio" exercises, like running, were just the easiest way to test and compare cardiovascular fitness.

This led to most people incorrectly using them as "the way" to train the heart.

In reality, training your muscles directly, strengthens your heart more, in less time and with no damage to your joints.

So fitness fixes everything ?

Your body has endless complex systems that interact together. It's all connected.

Progress in one area drives progress in many others.

For example, muscle and low bodyfat improve sleep depth and quality which improves everything else.

Simple by design

Only a few things truly matter to be thin, toned and fit.

Learn in 1 hour

All you need to know in under 1h of video lessons.

Any time, any place

Exercises and diet methods you can travel the world with.

Are they 100% video lessons ?

All the lessons are videos, yes.

Plus the non-video tracking tools and useful implementation tips.

I pay once and access forever ?


The core course, plus any future updates and improvements are yours to access forever.




Hunger-proof Dieting

Our simple and easy guide to dieting while actually enjoying your life.


Exercise Theory

The best science-based exercise principles for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.


Exercise In Practice

The perfect 5 exercises to work your whole body and enhance your diet.


Effortless Tracking

Our best tools and rules of thumb to easily track your diet and week-to-week progress.


Tailor Your Diet

Flexible diet methods to perfectly match your unique lifestyle.


Love your life and body

Practical recommendations to diet while still loving Christmas and birthdays.


Optimise Your Sleep

Important sleep advice for your diet and schedule decisions.


Direct 1-on-1 Support

Our small team of experts answer your specific questions and guide you to success.

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